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Spiritual Readings by Gwyn

Spiritual Mediumship Readings (phone or face-to-face)

Designed to connect with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed.
Insight into specific situations. 30-45 minutes $45

E-Mail Readings

Ask any 6 questions on your mind (life situations, passed loved ones).
This service also includes 3 tarot cards drawn and any other information spirit may have to offer. $45

Group Readings

Group readings are for up to 15 people and can be done at your location or location of choice. Group/gallery readings consist of messages and information that I receive from spirit. I may not get something for everyone so at the end of the messages everyone will get a chance to ask one question.
$30 per person. Travel charges may apply depending on distance to your location.

Home/Business Blessings or Clearings

Are you experiencing strange or uncomfortable phenomena in your home or place of business? Gwyn will perform a reading of your home/business and explain what you are dealing with. Gwyn will advise on how best to address the phenomena and/or perform a blessing or cleansing of the space dependent upon the needs of the situation and individual.
$95 Travel charges may apply depending on distance to your location.

For all services, payment is required in advance.

TO SCHEDULE A HOME OR BUSINESS BLESSING: Please email CAR: car@3pagansandacat.com

TO SCHEDULE ALL OTHER SERVICES: Please email GWYN: gwyn@3pagansandacat.com