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Friday One Card Draw: Knight of Pentacles

A Note from Gwyn: If you have followed my previous tarot readings on the blog, dear reader, then you know the deck I use most of the time is The Green Witch Tarot. A month ago I purchased the Gilded Tarot and I love it. In future readings I will now trade off between the two decks dependent upon which one is calling to me that day.

Today's card is: The Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is rooted in Earth energy which deals with the material and mundane aspect of our world. Home. Career. Projects. New beginnings.

In this card, we see the steadiness of the horse as a rabbit (a symbol of fertility which can mean reproduction, invention, creative force) looks on unafraid. The Knight is stalwart, dependable, and prepared.

The Knight of Pentacles is for some of you a herald of Spring and new beginnings. This is an auspicious time to begin a project, start a family, move upward in career or business trajectory. For others, the Knight is letting you know that your plans will come to successful fruition with good management of time, energy and resources. You have put in the work, now reap the reward. And some of you will discover this is an excellent time to begin anew on a spiritual journey which has been delayed for a time. You will find what you seek one step at a time.

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