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Friday One Card Draw: Nine of Athames

Today's card is: The Nine of Athames - Reversed

This card is one which indicates a time of needless anxiety, fear, worry and stress. Situations or feelings are overwhelmed and it can seem as if everything around us is too difficult. Depression and sadness lead to a sense of apathy.

In the reverse position, this card indicates we are holding on to someone elses problems or stress as if they belong to us. This is causing needless worry and even self-doubt. We must remember that we cannot take on the weight of other people's problems.

What is recommended by the Nine of Athames is to be aware of what is causing stress, anxiety, needless worry and seek to find ways of dealing with those feelings in a healthy, productive manner. This can mean creating boundaries if the burden belongs to another. This can mean seeking counseling and/or medication for depression which is hampering with quality of life. This can mean exploring the possiblity of shadow work. Whatever the route, self-care is what is required at this time.

Agrimony is an herb of protection, reversing negativity and promoting sleep. A bat is a symbol of releasing fear.

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