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Friday One Card Draw: Seven of Wands

Today's card is: The Seven of Wands - Reversed


When presented in an upright position, the Seven of Wands speaks of a person who is or has overcome challenges and is good at trusting their intuition and instincts. This person is self-confident and able to tackle problems one at a time in such a way that the outcome is most often a success.

However, the card is drawn in the reverse today. In this position, the Seven of Wands is drawing our attention to issues of self-doubt.

Perhaps there is a situation or relationship in which you are letting circumstances undermine your confidence in decision making. This self-doubt may also hamper your abilty to handle stressful situations or people. If this is the case, now is the time to let go of embarrassment. Whatever has brought you to a place of not trusting yourself is temporary. Reach out to trusted individuals in your sphere of influence. Ask for their help and strength which you do not feel at this moment. Be willing to open yourself to receiving assistance even though you may be the one who is always strong, who always assists others. Let others provide the friendship, strength, and courage for you for a change.

This could also be a time when you need to conform to "procedure" in our jobs, education, maybe even in a legal situation.

Do not let yourself be diverted from a problem or so full of stress you cannot see the way to a solution. Trust in yourself and in those around you who have proven t;hemselves to have your best interest at heart.

Purple Columbine flowers represent courage and resolve to overcomes difficulties. A nuthatch bird reminds you to have courage and to manifest self-confidence so you may manage (not be overwhelmed by) issues as they appear in our lives.

Blessed be.

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