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Friday Tarot - One Card Draw with Gwyn

Today's card is:

The Queen of Athames

The Queen of Athames

This card, pulled in the upright position represents a person who is type-A, a planner who notices everything; a quick wit and someone who is focused and independent.

In the foreground, there is an Iris for wisdom. A goldfinch outside the window symbolizes awakening, determination and balance.

A person who is insightful and independent can work on their own and get many things done. They can be very successful managers, business owners, etc. However, a balance must be maintained so that such a person is not working in isolation or is unable to work in a team or unit because of micromanaging tendencies. This card also reminds us we can be a good judge of a situation or character with use of keen insight and perception or to be willing to trust that person of our acquaintance who has this natural intuition.

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