3 Pagans and a Cat

Three Paths, One Journey, New Cat

Friday Tarot-One Card Draw with Gwyn

Today's card is:

Five of Chalices

The Five of Chalices

This card symbolizes regrets held on to, difficulties in relationships (often to do with family or legacy), dwelling or living in the past.

This card, pulled in the upright position, is pictured with a young maiden pouring liquid out of one cup onto another already discarded on the ground. In the foreground is a blackberry bramble which symbolizes attachments, grief, healing and growth. Beside the maiden is a hare which symbolizes crossroads or new beginnings, potential and renewal.

We cannot heal, grow or even recognize current bounty or new possibilities if we are stuck in the muck of regret or clinging to what should be released.

Take the time to examine what is holding you in place or not allowing you to release something from/in the past. Meditate on the good things in your life right now, the relationships which are beneficial. Are you endangering the positive things/people of your life by dwelling on the hurts or always being negative? What will it mean to let go of the past hurts, grudges, or difficulties (or toxic relationships)? Then, when the moon is waning--release and make space for healing, forgiveness, renewal or something new.

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