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Friday Tarot - One Card Draw with Gwyn: King of Imps - Reversed

In honor of Samhain, today's card is:

King of Imps

The King of Imps - Reversed

The suit of IMPS (representing Wands and the element of Fire) is one of creative force, energy (controlled or chaotic), passion, spirit and growth.

In an upright position, the King of Imps represents an entreperenour, a force for change and creativity with good intentions and an eye for the arts. Honest. Friendly. Helpful. However, this card is presented to us in a reverse position which indicates an individual who may have all those traits but is hasty, impulsive, or a even bit domineering/controlling when left to their own devices. A person who doesn't know how to delegate or doesn't trust others to do a job or believes they always know best.

This card is warning us to either watch ourselves to prevent from falling into this trap (failing to recognize we are bringing chaos instead of clear headed thinking) or there is someone in our lives who is acting as a King of Imps --disrupting a project, work situation, or stifling the creative flow within not only themselves but others.

Be on the lookout for this. There is still time to correct the path or trajectory through personal reflection (if we ourselves have inverted) or through open communication with the individual who may not realize their micromanaging or reckless behavior. However, keep in mind that there may come a time to "cut losses" and move on from an unhealthy situation, work space, or relationship.

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