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Friday Tarot - One Card Draw with Gwyn

Today's card is:

The Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands

This card, pulled in the reversed position, is meant to symbolize security in a job/work situation (though I feel it can apply to other or general areas of life as well). While security is present/maintained it is not perceived to be. This makes us defensive about work (or the area of life this insecurity exists) territorial, alert to potential threats and betrayal or someone else taking credit for our accomplishments/life.

In the reverse position, this card focuses in on obstinacy as we cling to what is impractical beliefs about ourselves/others and uncertainty. This card indicates we struggle with trusting others with what's important to us and take all responsibility whether it belongs to us or not. What we do not realize is in our uncertainty we are excluding others from helping us grow (and perhaps not allowing another to grow/mature as well).

In the background, we see bluebells growing by a fence which symbolize abundance, attachments and fear. The mole digging nearby is an image of awareness, sensitivity and being on guard.

As we reflect on this card, perhaps we should consider where we may be clinging to uncertainty in our job/work situations or in some other area of our lives. How is this impacting our ability to trust not only ourselves but others?

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