3 Pagans and a Cat

Three Paths, One Journey, New Cat

Friday Tarot - One Card Draw with Gwyn: Page of Athames

Today's card is:

Page of Athames

The Page of Athames

Drawn upright, this card is represenative of testing new skills, buckling down to study and perfect a skill or talent. The Page is assertive and dedicated to the path (whatever that may be). This is a step forward into independence. However, there is a risk of becoming over-confident, cocky, and dedicated to blind ambition. Watch out for this trap.

Now is the time to showcase talents (apply for a new job, put yourself forward for promotion). Be vigilent and engaging without forcing a heated or spiteful competition. Be discreet and apply wisdom in relationships, work related situations, and in starting new ventures.

Borage represents courage and protection. An owl is the symbol of Moon magick and intuition.

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