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Gwyn on: Herbs and Oils Safe for Kids and Pets

As every listener of 3 Pagans and a Cat knows I love plants, herbs, and essential oils.

I grow herbs on my balcony for both culinary and magickal purposes. There are plants which live on one of my altars and other parts of our dwelling. However, there is something I've not considered when deciding what to share on Gwyn's Garden Gems.

Are the plants and herbs featured on the segment safe for kids and pets?

The reason for this is my own children are adults, I have no grandchildren or small children in my immediate life and (for the moment) no pets. This is an oversight on my part. So going forward, I'm going to try to point out if something is or is not safe to have or use around children and animals.

There are three plants/herbs featured on the Grounding/Shielding episode because of their protective natures. Basil is an easy herb to grow in a container or garden and it's the leaves which are used. Fennel can be grown from seeds in pots and planted in a garden at first Spring. The entire plant is edible including seeds, stems, stalks, leaves, bulb, roots, and flowers. Vetiver prefers hot and humid climates and lots of sun as well as any soil type. Vetiver is a grass and is excellent as a bug repellant in the garden/yard.

Basil - non toxic for cats and dogs.
Fennel - generally non toxic for cats and dogs
Vetiver (oil) - use with caution around cats and dogs.

Basil - safe to grow and use with children
Fennel- safe to grow and use with children
Vetiver (oil) - safe for use with children (soothing when diffused)

As always recommended, do as much research as you can before introducing a plant, herb, or essential oil into your home or garden for any kind of use.




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