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Gwyn on: Yule Pomanders

Last year, I decided I wanted to make an orange pomander as part of my personal Yule observance. I crafted the pomanders on the first day of our Yule celebration. As a family with multiple pagan paths, Yule is a month long affair (going into the New Year). We begin with Car's Celtic tradition of lighting candles in the Yule log starting eleven days before the Soltice. This is when I began making the three pomanders which then sat upon our altar (to both dry and add a fresh, lovely aroma).

Making Pomanders

You will need: _
3 oranges (or however many suit your needs)
a bag full of whole cloves
Directions: Push the cloves one at a time through the skin of the orange to create a patten.

And that's pretty much it. Very simple. I also chose to weave a spell of protection into the pomanders, focusing my intent as I pushed the cloves (and this is a bit of work, sometimes, if the skin of the orange is thick). I focused my thoughts on my family--the love, joy, and prosperity provided by the orange, the protective aspect of the cloves. I also rolled each orange in cinnamon to aid in the drying process, add additional fragrance and boost the intention. As a bonus, a pomander also represents the light of the sun returning after the longest night.

Making pomanders is a great activity to use as a meditative or devotional practice for Yule or as a fun thing to do with children to celebrate the festive season. Here are a couple of links for making pomanders with kids (one of which has a great idea on how to make them with toddlers):

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