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Notes for: Building Your Book - Overview

Links to things we talked about in this Podcast Building Your Book - Overview

Project Gutenberg is an archive of over 56,000 free ebooks, including some magical texts.

Internet Sacred Text Archive is an extensive library of sacred and magical texts online.

Brahm's Bookworks is a source for personalized, handcrafted blank grimoires. Expensive, long waiting time.

LaPulia Book of Shadows is another source of personalized, handcrafted grimoires, including books with pre-written information. Expensive, long waiting time.

Spellbinderie is an Etsy store offering custom blank books rebound from antique books. Slightly less expensive, and occasionally has ready-to-ship items.

The Elder Futhark Runes: An Instructive Guide is a Heathen Hof article covering the basics of "writing" in runes.

Futhark is an Ancient Scripts article providing some quick comparisons between runic alphabet systems.

Ogham is an Omniglot article providing basic information about the Ogham alphabet system.

Enochian Alphabet is a Sky Knowledge article providing a comparison of the three main Enochian ciphers.

Magnus Liber Sigillorum: Abridged An abridged English translation of the Hebrew original, containing many magical alphabets and recipes culled from ancient and medieval Jewish manuscripts of magic and practical Kabbalah. Contains a subject index and selected facsimiles of the original manuscript.

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