3 Pagans and a Cat

Three Paths, One Journey, New Cat

Notes for: Monikers and Metaphorical Spaces

Keeping Silent or Telling the World: The Wiccan Dilemma is a For Dummies article which, although it refers specifically to Wicca, is applicable to a range of pagan systems.

10 Baby Steps Out of the Broom Closet is what-it-says-on-the-tin, and is covered in the episode.

An Essay for School Teachers about Paganism offers suggestions about the differences a pagan child might present in the public school system.

Paganism for Beginners: Magical Names is a Patheos article covering the basics of magical/craft names (and makes an important point about appropriation).

Finding Your Magical Name is a Thought Co. article which veers a little judgemental, but has some good information, including the numerological method described in the episode.

The Basics of Numerology is another Thought Co. article which covers numerology more generally-- Ode suggests that one might derive some inspiration for a name from the correspondences associated with the birth numbers.

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