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Notes for: Neo-Paganism and Sexual Abuse

On January 14th, 2018 we recorded and uploaded an unplanned episode entitled Neo-Paganism and Sexual Abuse, because we felt it was important to discuss on-mic the sexual assault allegations made against ADF founder Isaac Bonewits in the book The Last Closet: the Dark Side of Avalon written by Moira Greyland, how these accusations were affecting Car as an ADF member on the Dedicant path, and how we as a community need to respond to, deal with, and prevent sexual misconduct in our spaces.

We referred heavily to several articles written in the days preceding our episode, and we felt it was appropriate to make those links directly available to listeners so that you can read them and come to your own conclusions on the material presented therein.

The Wild Hunt's January 10 Article
Lilith Dorsey's Article on Patheos: Accusations of Abuse Against Isaac Bonewits
John Beckett's Article on Patheos: Cults of Personality Must Die
Misha Magdalene's Article on Patheos: A Long, Cold Look in the Mirror
Melissa Hill's Article on Patheos: One Druid's Reaction to the Accusation of Issac Bonewits

Statement by Phaedra Bonewits and Deborah Lipp
Statement by Rev. Jean (Drum) Pagano, ADF Archdruid
ADF Sexual Misconduct Policy

The Frosts: Pedophiles in our Midst

We also wanted to provide resources for any listeners who went away from the episode feeling distressed, disconnected, or frightened.

Please Read This If You Are Feeling Suicidal
7 Cups is a free, anonymous chat-based therapy resource.
The Trevor Project supports suicidal and at-risk LGBTQ youth, with a telephone hotline, texting service, and online chat.
Survivors Chat is a community of rape, incest, and abuse survivors supporting each other. It requires registration.
Ritual Abuse Information provides resources for the victims of ritual abuse, as well as their family, friends, and therapists.
Grounding After Triggering Content is a list of suggestions which may help listeners who were accidentally triggered by the content of this episode to process the experience and return to a settled state.

You can contact any of us at the following email addresses:

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If you need us, we're here.

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