3 Pagans and a Cat

Three Paths, One Journey, New Cat

Notes for: Special Episode - ConVocation 2018

Magical Education Council
Pagans In Needs
List of Pagan Festivals

Merchant Room

Mother Moon is an all-purpose pagan store. Ode has not been able to find online purchasing options.

Twisted Willow Soap Co. sells skin-care, soap, and deodorant. Provides online purchasing. Ode was not able to find ingredient lists on the item listings, although photos indicate that ingredients are listed on the packaging.

Zaheroux sells divination decks, bookmarks, and art prints on Etsy. Bones are prominently featured in much of the art.

Pagan Presence Inc is an all-purpose pagan store. Provides online purchasing.

The Happy Hooker sells handmade knitwear, including the scarf/hood two-piece discussed in the episode. Provides online purchasing.

Ties That Bynde Designs sells custom-fitted corsets. Due to the nature of the item, online purchasing is not possible.

The Magical Druid is an ADF-owned all-purpose pagan store. Provides online purchasing. This is where Car, Gwyn, and Ode each obtained a different divination set, as discussed in the episode.

Violet Flame Gifts sells herbs, oils, candles, incense, and bath/body products. Provides online purchasing. Ingredients are often not listed in individual listings, but in the product class overview.

Candle Wick Shoppe is an all-purpose pagan store. Provides online purchasing.

World Trendz LLC sells handcrafted women's clothing, tapestries, resin statues, and bags. Provides online purchasing.

Strange Hours Atelier sells etchings, hats, art patches and buttons on Etsy. Currently on break due to ConVocation.

Elemental Jewels sells jewelry on Etsy. Currently on break.

Autumn Moon sells jewelry, art, and soy candles. Provides online purchasing.

Kemmer Woodworks is an artisan woodworking studio. Link is to business Facebook page.

Poking Dead Things sells jewelry and errata composed of ethically-sourced bone and other natural elements. Currently online purchasing is down.

Golden Raven Studio sells hand-dyed silk accessories. Link is to business Facebook page.

Steampunked sells handmade steampunk polymer clay figurines and jewelry. Link is to business Facebook page.

Owlkeyme Arts is the art studio of Laura Tempest Zakroff, who is also the author of Sigil Witchery. (We refer to both in the episode, although we didn't realize it was her art we saw in the Art Show Room!) Provides online purchasing

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