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Product Reviews: Wonderful Body Co

Last week, Ode and I received a surprise in the mail. Well, I suppose it was for Car as well but the stuff we got is really geared more toward us. One of our listeners, Amanda, sent us a package from her company, Wonderful BodyCo filled to the brim with bath and body products she creates!

These book inspired soaks and scrubs are hand crafted using the finest ingredients to create an atomsphere of calm and to care for yourself (which as we all know is important). Here is a description of what these lovely products are all about from Amanda's website:

**You deserve a break! As a busy person, you hear it a lot, but there's so little time!

I learned when I was a child how magical and healing Epsom salt soaks could be. As a wife and mother, it has been something that I have shared with my family for years. One day my four-year-old asked me if she could have some special magic salt just for her. While essential oils had always been added, I knew I could make it even more special. Using her favorite book as inspiration, Pink Cupcakes came into existence. Here toes were now happy as there was EcoGlitter, there was pink, and it smelled like cupcakes. With her favorite book in hand she sat down to soak her little toes... always sore because she cannot keep her shoes on the right feet.

Self-care is very important and it is the mission of WonderfulBodyCo to give you the ability to escape into your favorite book, even if it is only for a few minutes.**

Here are a few of the products she offers:

Lavender Buttercream Bath Salts (My Favorite)
Coffeehouse Bath Salts
Meditation Bath Salts
Wisdom Roller Ball Fragrance Oil
Steris Roller Ball Fragrance Oil
and many more!

I've used several of these bath salts for long, relaxing soaks. The essential oils and salt are soothing, leaving your skin feeling soft and lightly scented. Ode prefers to use the products as a scrub in the shower but they can be used as a foot soak as well. I also love the convenient size of the roller ball essential oil frangrances.

We'd like to thank Amanda for sharing her products with us. We highly recommend you go to her website/etsy store and find something to treat yourself. You deserve it!


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