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The day after returning home from a long, weekend conference consists of a couple of things:

  1. Sleep
  2. Doing Laundry
  3. Sleep
  4. Getting food in.
  5. Sleep
  6. Reflection

Okay, so one sleep recorded on the daily agenda actually happened. Couches are comfy and Netflix is an awesome thing.

What I do enjoy upon returning home is reflecting on the experience I had at an event. The knowledge I've gained from attending classes or talking to people, friendships forged and/or re-affirmed. I also enjoy recalling chatting with people who (because I had my 3PaaC logo affixed to my name badge) came up to or sat down beside me. Because of the podcast, meeting listeners and hearing their stories is always like sitting down with an old friend and I love it!

You all know what a great time we had talking to some of the presenters at ConVocation 2019. People like Jason Mankey, Ivo Dominguez, Jacki Smith, Dame Willburn, Witchdoctor Utu and Kenn Day (to name a few) who took time out of their busy schedules (and they were indeed busy, let me tell you!) to chat with Car, Ode and I for an hour. Each one of these people is kind, funny, knowledgable and gave us a unique look into the beautiful, vibrant community that is the Pagan world.

Our heartfelt thanks to each person we interviewed.

I also had the pleasure to attend a few classes between our heavy interview schedule. Not easy to do and most of them I had to leave early (my apologies to the presenters) but I'm glad I did go. Let me give you the highlights of a few classes which I really enjoyed.

Tess Whitehurst taught a lot of classes this past weekend (including one she shared with Ellen Dugan based on their book Every Witch Way: Spells and Advice from Two Very Different Witches . I didn't go to that class although I did purchase the book before ConVocation, have read it, and do recommend it as an interesting look into very different perspectives on a variety of witchy topics. Plus, there are spells.

The class I did attend which Tess taught focused on Holistic Energy Magic based on the book she wrote with the same title. And I bought the book upon leaving the class because what she shares in it is practical and helpful in the practice of magick without the use of tools. Now, Tess is an (admitted) New Age California Witch (her words from Every Witch Way) so she does come across as very bohemian and very much focused on positivity (not that it's a bad thing just a little overbalanced maybe? I don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's the New Age thing).

What stuck out to me were the five foundation principles she shared in regard to energy magick:

  1. Inspired, Clearly Defined Intention - ie: know what you want or need.
  2. Vibrant Visualization - this can be any part of your senses, not just within the mind or imagination but a taste, smell, sensation, etc.
  3. Symbolic Action - perform a gesture (like pointing a finger) or speak words out loud. This helps shape energy according to your intention.
  4. Grateful Expectation - you've performed the magick, now expect it to come to pass with a grateful heart.
  5. Deep connection to the Divine - however that looks to you.

Tess builds from these five concepts to undestanding that magick can be part of your life every single day. I'm only a few chapters into the book but I do recommend it for those who want to do more energy magick. The book is well written and in a conversational way which feels like your sitting there listening to Tess share her heart and magickal methods. Just remember there is a pretty strong hippie vibe and you'll be fine.

Another class which I enjoyed quite a bit was with Clifford Hartleigh Low. This was an introductory class to the history and principles of money/prosperity magick. The first things which come to mind about this class is informative and engaging (and packed with dense amount of material).

One of the things which stuck out to me in this class came from Cliff stressing that the goal of prosperity magick is to provide resources for youself so you can help or enrich the lives of others. In other words, prosperity is meant to be given away through generosity because you have the resources to do it and not simply received to spend on oneself alone. I love that and it really puts things into a new perspective when it comes to money/prosperity magick (because let's face it, there is a lot of it out there by way of candles and books).

I wish I had been able to attend the second class in the series where Cliff really got into the nuts and bolts of prosperity magick. My understanding is there may be videos of the two classes released to YouTube and will let you know if they become available to watch. In the meantime, check out his blog and FB page.

The third class I'm going to tell you about was taught by Jacki Smith of Coventry Creations. Jacki is a fun, down to earth sort of Witch who's main goal through her classes and her candle business is to awaken magick in people's lives. The class Jacki taught had to do with your magickal spheres of influence. You know, how your energy may be affecting people around you (and in turn the people in their lives). Kind of like a six degrees of separation thing.

What was cool is that after grounding and centering ourselves (drawing our aura back toward ourselves after several days of ConVocation and man did I need that! I went from exhausted and needing coffee to energized and ready for the day). We then paired up and followed an exercise where we wrapped our energy around a partner and then "changed our mood". The partner would then raise their hand when they felt the change.

The experience was fascinating and eye opening in how our energy works and intermingles with others throughout the day.

All in all, I have a lot of information to go back and read from my class notes (when I took them) and decide how to incorporate those lessons in my life as a Witch. This is one of the many reasons I love to go to large Pagan events such as ConVocation and in a few months Michigan Pagan Fest. These events allow me to meet with and get to know people of like-mind. I can learn new concepts or receive exercises which can deepen my spiritual practice. More importantly, I can give back to the Pagan community (in some small way) by being present in what's going on and offering what service I can when it's appropriate or needed.

I'm sure there is much more I can share with you when it comes to my experience at ConVocation 2019. My sincere hope is one day all of you, dear listeners and readers, will be able to share your own stories.

Blessed be.

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