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Reviews: Gunpowder Cosmetics Bath Bombs

When Car, Ode and I went to the Witches Tea Flint Spirits of Yule event over a week ago, one of those activities included a holiday market place where I found some awesome vendors. We arrived late (weird navigation issues with the Maps app) so I had to fly through the vendors who weren't busy packing up. Thankfully, one of the vendors who still had their wares on the table was
Gunpowder Cosmetics!

Let me share about who they are with this blurb from their Etsy store:

Here at Gunpowder Cosmetics we are passionate about a few things: cats, health and beauty, and having a good time. We love making beauty products with fun fragrances from quality ingredients, and we want to share that with others who are looking to improve or add to some aspect of their beauty regimen, whether it's skin care, hair care, or taking a relaxing bath. Depending on your stance on honey and beeswax, all of our products are vegan.

These ladies had a lovely display of their products (so a little something for everyone) but what drew me in were the ginormous (yes that's a proper descriptive term, these suckers are 80 mm in diameter) Bath Bombs!

What is a bath bomb you ask? Per Wikipedia, "Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which effervesce when wet. They are used to add essential oils, scent, bubbles or color to bathwater." And they are an indulgence I've not really had a reason to enjoy because I've never had a bath tub I'd bother taking a soak in (the reality of living in apartments most of my adult life). But since our recent move, I now have one bathroom which includes a large garden tub perfect for soaking and I want the full experience. Therefore, I've been on the hunt for good bath bombs (and yes, there are good ones and some that are kind of "eh").

Gunpowder Cosmetics Bath Bombs are large, practically explode in the water when you lower it in (or toss, that's fun too), providing an instant scent of essential oils included in the blend, avocado oil to sooth the skin, a little color (or a lot depending on the bath bomb). Also depending on the bath bomb, there is a fun little surprise which hides in the middle just waiting to be released. In the Bath Bomb created in honor of "Gunpowder" (the cat for whom the company is named) you get an adorable purple glycerin cat shaped soap. In "Fairy Farts" Bath Bomb there is a little rose soap. And the Lavender Bath Bomb (haven't tried it yet) has fresh lavender on the top which will release into the water as the bath bomb melts.

I really enjoy these bath bombs. The scents are pleasant but not overpowering, creating a "spa-like experience" as not only the water becomes aromatic but also the air in the room (add a few lighted candles on the counter edge and you have a very relaxing atmosphere). The scent lingers on the skin but is not overwhelming. The little surprise included is a nice addition (the soaps lather well and can be used long after the bath bomb itself). The prices are very reasonable as well (especially considering the size of these Bath Bombs). I will be getting more of these lovely products. Everyone needs to add self care into their routine and Gunpowder Bath Bombs are a good incentive for taking time for oneself. I think they would also make a great gift.

Now, I do want to make sure you know that Bath Bombs (along with any other bath product really such as scrubs or salts) can make the tub slippery because of the oils used. Make sure you have a bath mat or something to help you keep from slipping and always enter and exit the bath tub with care.

With that said, take a bit of time to investigate Gunpowder Cosmetics and indulge yourself. I've tried just one of their products and the quality along with the attention to detail is outstanding. I plan to buy more bath bombs as soon as possible from this company and try their other offerings as well. Highly recommended!

Gunpowder Bath Bombs

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