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Reviews: Keeping Her Keys by Cyndi Brannen

In our most recent episode, Fire Festivals - Beltane, Ode and I reviewed a book called Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft by Cyndi Brannen. Here is the synopsis of the book from Amazon:

Over the past few years Hekate has gained increasing popularity around the world. While there are books written about the historical Hekate, there is a lack of information applying this knowledge for personal development and practicing witchcraft. Keeping Her Keys blends the ‘keys' of personal development, magick and the ancient goddess, Hekate, together. Topics include the power of prayer, how to create sacred space, and guidance on spell crafting. In the final chapter readers can perform an optional self-initiation to become a Keeper of Her Keys.

Ode and I have a bit of a disagreement about this book.

Gwyn's opinion: I love this book. Designed as a home-study course, Keeping Her Keys gives the reader the opportunity to learn about the Modern Hekatean Witchcraft tradition and follow it's chapters as a year and a day learning experience to become a Modern Hekatean Witch. The book is filled with information about Hekate gleaned from both ancient sources and modern unverified personal gnosis, rituals, prayers, and practices to help one grow as a solitary Modern Hekatean witch. While the chapters can be repetitive, I appreciate this as a self-study course which builds upon concepts throughout the book. I would have liked more notations in regard to Hekate's mythology to indicate between ancient sources and the author's UPG.

Final impression: Highly recommended. If you are interested in becoming a Modern Hekatean Witch or honoring and working with Hekate in your witchcraft practice then get this book.

**Ode's opinion: **Not a fan. The author started with the assertion that Hekate is Queen of the Underworld (a title and job held by Persephone according to the majority of ancient writing), and this soured the reading of Keeping Her Keys. Additionally, the text is "muddy" and repetitive throughout with concepts being reiterated within most chapters. The author needed more notations as to what is historical/ancient text without blurring the details with her own UPG. More information on how to perform rituals for this ancient goddess would be helpful too. For instance, the author includes "wash up" as part of a ritual but does not indicate what that means or to what level one should "wash up". Such vague instructions are a bit confusing to the reader unfamiliar with Hekate or what she might expect in ritual. That said, there are a variety of rituals both long and short, easy to more complex, which provide an interesting option.

Final impression: Not recommended, especially if you want to learn about Hekate from a classical perspective or have a clear, reading experience.

Car didn't read the book and offers no opinon.

**Keeping Her Keys is available to pre-order and will be in stores and online on APRIL 26.

*If you pre-order the book and [email a copy of the receipt to the author](cyndi@keepingherkeys.com) BEFORE APRIL 26, you will receive BONUS material. *

Keeping Her Keys

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