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Reviews: Magickal Fire Assistant for Earth Candle

A few weeks ago Car and I took part in a Beltane ritual where we were handfasted as a renewing of our marriage vows. We were delighted that a couple of listener-friends were able to join us for the ritual. One of those friends happens to be a Patrons of the podcast and also a gifted crafts/artist person, AkaNeko. And she surprised us with a set of candles for Car, Ode, and I which we decided to review for our Candle Magick - Episode 43.

These candles are unique in shape and color, they are hand dipped with a gentle fragrance and can be used to "burn away obstacles to leave a foundation for new growth."

Last we checked The Sealed Bast is on hiatus. Hopefully, the shop will return in the future with more of Akaneko's beautiful designs and candles.


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