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Reviews: Mala Bead Necklace/Bracelet by AmberDesigns93

As mentioned in our recent podcast, Storytelling: Creation Myths, we received another unexpected gift from one of our listeners! This turned out to be a pair of Mala Bead Necklace/Bracelets from Amber of AmberDesigns93 for Ode and me.

These beautiful mala beads are made in the traditional style consisting of 108 beads plus a "Guru" bead. There is also a knot separating each bead (as well as some beautiful decorative touches of spacer beads or findings). And using her intuition and skill, Amber creates beautiful and functional spiritual jewelry which can be used for meditation or prayer as well as everyday or ritual jewelry.

Ode and I love our mala beads!

We both use and wear them for a variety of reasons and purposes. We have both worn them as wrap bracelets and I've also worn mine as a necklace. I've found these mala beads to be very helpful during meditation as well a wonderful representation of my spiritual journey to date as a Green Witch. The quality of the beads and other materials used is very high and Amber's intuition and skill is evident in her choices when making these beautiful pieces.

Ode and I highly recommend you visit AmberDesigns93 and buy yourself a set of Mala beads or give them as a gift to someone. There are several pieces already available but Amber also does custom work.

3 Pagans and a Cat would like to thank Amber for this beautiful and amazing gift. We are thrilled to help promote your stunning work.

Mala Beads

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