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Intuitive Tarot Readings (Facebook Live or Zoom) Gwyn

Do you have questions or a situation in your life which require some clarity? Allow Gwyn to assist you with an Intuitive Tarot Reading using the Hekate's Wheel Spread. Gwyn will also include any information or impressions received by Spirit during the reading. (Facebook Video Call or Zoom)

E-Mail Intuitive Tarot Readings Gwyn

Ask any 4 questions on your mind (life situations, passed loved ones) or a general reading.
This service Hekates Wheel Spread for one major theme/life situation if the questions are related, and any other information Spirit may have to offer through a spiritual reading on those questions. $110 - Reading includes photo(s) of tarot spread(s).

Email Intuitive Tarot Gwyn

Ask one question about an area of concern in your life (family, spiritual growth, career, etc.) to provide clarity on the subject. This service includes a reading using the Hekates Wheel Spread with a photo provided of the tarot spread. $40

Group Tarot Gwyn/ (this service suspended due to Covid)

Group readings are for up to 30 people and can be done at your location or location of choice. Group or Individual readings can include connecting to loved ones, insight into specific information, or general information received from Spirit or Tarot. Every participant will have the opportunity to ask one question. $20 per person. Travel charges may apply depending on distance to your location.

Single-Question Email Tarot Ode

Provide either a single question (How can I improve my relationship with Z?) or an area of concern in your life (family, spiritual growth, career, etc.) and Ode will construct a tarot spread to provide clarity on the subject. This may be between 3-7 cards, depending on the nature of your question. These readings average 250-500 words, and include photos of the spread. $45

Tapestry Email Tarot Ode

If you would like an in-depth overview of where you are, where you're going, and how to either get there or avoid those destinations, get a Tapestry. It covers the material, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your life, and is a very thorough 10-card spread. These readings average 1000-1500 words, and include photos of the spread. $70

Check-Up Email Tarot Ode

If you're finding that your life has a lot of conflict and stress, a Check-Up may be appropriate. This is a 4-card spread which provides insight into how you relate to others and the world, as well as what your core identity is, and indicates whether these relationships between your self and your communication styles are healthy or need healing/change. These readings average 250 words, and include photos of the spread. $15

For all services, payment is required in advance.

To book services please contact gwyn@3pagansandacat.com or ode@3pagansandacat.com