3 Pagans and a Cat

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

3 Pagans and a Cat is available for speaking engagements at your Festival or Pagan Pride day.


Syncretic Rituals

Gwyn and Ode construct and run syncretic rituals that combines their paths into one coherent ritual structure, with elements that will feel familiar to participants from multiple disciplines. Though the details of our practices vary, the fundamentals of our paths are complimentary-- with these rituals, 3PAAC weaves our works together to make them stronger and more meaningful than they would be separately. Join us for one of these rituals to add your own thread to that tapestry, tree to that grove, and power to that spell.

Building Your Book: Ultra High Speed Edition

An extremely condensed presentation on the subject of magical books, touching on the history of magical books, the materials involved in constructing one, book curses and other protections, the nature of correspondences, the tools of the trade, calendars and magical timing, and the elements of ritual and spell construction-- including how and why to include all of these subjects in your own magical text.

Speaking with Symbols

Gwyn and Ode discuss the history of divination, introduce the use of various divination methods (including tarot, Lenormand, pendulum, and ogham readings), examine The Ravioli Situation and other improvised divination options, and provide suggestions for achieving improved "signal clarity".

Monikers and Metaphorical Spaces

Gwyn and Ode discuss magical names and the acquisition thereof, and present cases for either leaving or remaining in "the Broom Closet"-- as well as providing a couple of options and hints for obscuring one's pagan or magical identity if safety or comfort demands that one do so.

Liminal: Gender and Sexuality

Join 3 Pagans and Cat for an interactive workshop and discussion dealing with the intersections of gender and sexuality with pagan spaces, including frank discussions of hetero- and cisnormativity in ritual, queer deity, nonsexual fertility, and deliberate inclusion.

Spoons: Self Care in Paganism

In this interactive workshop, participants will be asked to examine and confront their own mental, emotional, and physical needs as they relate to pagan spaces and practices. In a followup discussion, we will address the importance of balancing self care with community needs, the curb cut effect, and mental health in our communities.

To book 3 Pagans And A Cat please email ode@3pagansandacat.com